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Getting Game Audio Right

Getting Game Audio Right - The Big Picture

Rob Bridgett explains how to schedule and integrate game audio into your development process

Sound in video games

How to find music for your game

Wondering whether to use royalty-free music for your game, or if you should hire a composer? Check out my guide here

Royalty-free music for game developers

How to make the most of royalty-free music as a game developer

- A guide on royalty-free music for game developers

Becoming a royalty-free game music composer

Game composers, stay sharp and land new projects with royalty-free music

- A guide on royalty-free music for game composers



Get a free game music track!

June 15, 2012

Welcome to Great Game Music – I hope you enjoy your stay. And for a limited time I’m giving away the game track below, completely free! Hear the track below, and hop on over to this page to get your free game music.